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To introduce myself, I am Diana Bomford, director of Nutrition & Fitness For Life Limited trading as Active Nutrition.

I have a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation with a major in Sport and Exercise Science (Auckland University of Technology).

My Philosophy

Quality of a long and productive life comes from avoiding disease through:

*     Healthy nutrition

*     Regular exercise

*     Not smoking

*     Avoiding pollutants

*     Not taking drugs

Building a robust immune system is the first step towards having great health.  By eating a balanced diet high in antioxidants, fibre, minerals and vitamins; and low in saturated fats, sodium and sugar you set yourself up for success.

The less processed the food you consume the better it is for you.  Eating the right food at the right time will keep your metabolism working at an optimum rate.

Unfortunately not everybody is able to achieve these optimum levels.  Often this is due to the large amount of confusing information in circulation.  By having a comprehensive food diary analysis areas of your nutrition can be identified as lacking in certain minerals, vitamins and fibre.  Consultations and menu plans are the best way to help address any deficiency.

Occasionally clients require more than just the "food fix" to gain the necessary nutrients.  This is when I will advise on certain supplements to support their diet until they are able to control their own nutrition.  Research shows that not all supplements are equal!  Some are top-quality producing a good balance and others are not worth spending your hard earned money on.  I only advise on top-quality products that will work for you.  Sometimes these will cost more than the "supermarket grade" supplements, but at least you will have the confidence that you are getting the health benefits from them and not wasting your money.

 What We Do

Nutrition and fitness consultations.

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Diana Bomford
BachSpRec (Sport & Exercise Science)

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