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 Strength Training For Cyclists

If you wish to maximise your cycle training it is important to "mix-it-up".  By stressing your muscles you will gain positive adaptations that increase your strength and endurance capabilities.

In cycling the body must have a strong base to propel the bike in order to achieve peak performance and avoid injury.  Many cyclists fall into the trap that just putting mileage into the cycling will achieve top performance.  There is no doubting that time on the bike is necessary.  However, to gain maximum strength in the shortest time, the muscles need to be stressed using whatever means, which includes gym based exercises.

It is not just about the legs.  Power is transferred from arms and the core to the legs to achieve maximal results for both speed and hill climbing.

Research shows that by progressing your training in small blocks of training you can maximise muscle adaptations and improve performance.  The saying "If you always do what you always have done, you will only get what you have always got" is very true.  You need to always look to making changes that will benefit your goals.

The training block includes:

*      Four week intensive training based around strength development

*      Personal Training - gym based programme designed with your needs and goals in mind

*      Once a week Swiss ball core strength and flexibility class

*      Once a week on-bike training including time trials and hill training

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